The expansion available to you is beyond the reach of your mind, within the grasp of your heart…


Life Coaching and Energy Work

    Creating a life you love begins within YOU.

    You hold the key to everything you want to experience and when you shift your awareness and embrace yourself and your life in a new way, you become more empowered and awaken to new possibilities.

    Regardless of where you are right now or what you’re experiencing, you are an amazing gift and you have so much to offer this world and yourself, just by being you.

    Who you appear on the outside, and even how you feel on the inside, is only a small fraction of who you really are.

    There are so many aspects of yourself, which can create confusion, doubts, and frustration. However, connecting with your true essence….your eternal self…through your heart, is the key to the freedom you may be seeking.

    If your heart is calling you to release the limiting beliefs, emotions, and energy that is distracting you from your eternal self, and you want to take responsibility for your life, I’m here to assist you.

    Together we will create more space for your expanded awareness so you can experience a deeper love for yourself, and your life.

    New blessings are awaiting!

    Cristin Russell

    Cristin has been working with clients since 2006 to help them expand awareness and live their lives with more joy, love, and acceptance of the Light they are…

    What do you want to
    experience in your life?