About Cristin

I see the Light
you are.

And I’m passionate about you seeing it, feeling it, and knowing it as well…there is so much more to you than you may know! 

I’ve been working with clients since 2006 to help them expand their awareness, accept and love themselves more completely, and create lives they love. I offer energy work to facilitate the release of fears, doubts and limitations and create new pathways and connection for embracing who you really are, and expanding what you think is possible for you and your life.

My Background

  • B.A. in Communication from University of Arizona
  • Graduated from Coaches Training Institute in 2006
  • EFT Tapping Practitioner since 2006
  • Metatronia Therapy Practitioner since 2015
  • Empowered Energetics Practitioner since 2016
  • Innumerable workshops, retreats, trainings (including Evolutionary Dialogue and Reiki).

A bit of my story…

I began my “awakening” in 2004 after some challenging and eye opening events. Over the course of many years that followed I studied, explored, and experimented with self-growth, spirituality, and consciousness. For awhile much of my focus was in looking outside of myself for the answers I seeked. But as time went on I deepened my authentic connection with God (which I sometimes call Source) and my eternal (Higher) self and I became more grounded and aware within myself. Things shifted within me and outside of me, and that is what I help clients with now. It doesn’t matter what your external circumstances are, they will continue to change. Knowing the part of you that doesn’t change on a whim and is centered in faith and trust, changes everything. You don’t have to take long journey to get there, it is already within you.

The circumstances of my life have greatly changed over the years. I have a wonderful husband and two boys who fill my life with adventure and joy. I’ve always been passionate about traveling to beautiful and sacred places and I continue to do that when possible. I keep my feet in the “real” world with real estate work (www.discoveridahohomes.com). I am very blessed and want nothing more than for all my clients to feel the same.


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