Opportunities to work together:

Currently I’m offering a limited number of individual sessions. All of my sessions include energy work, either interactively in person or online video, or through silent distant sessions. In each of them, I create a sacred space for you to step into and access deeper parts of yourself. Contact me for pricing and availability.

Energetic Harmony Sessions:

During this session you quietly relax in your own home (no phone is used during the session). In partnership with your infinite self and team, Cristin uses tuning forks (sound & vibrational healing) to harmonize your chakras and energy field, realigning and harmonizing your energy so you feel lighter and brighter, & open to new possibilities for you and your life. You lie down and relax, and receive the energy for about an hour & a short phone call follows.

Interactive Coaching Sessions:

Open to new possibilities for yourself and your life by awakening and aligning with the deeper layers within you. Breakthrough limitations, expand your awareness, and embrace yourself and your life in new, meaningful ways. By the end of this hour long session (over the phone, FaceTime, Google Meet, or Skype) clients regularly feel lighter, brighter, and ready to create a fresh approach and new experience for your life.

What results can you expect?

There are so many results you can experience from a session and one common one I see is that you will feel lighter and more free to be who you really are. One of the greatest gifts I receive from facilitating sessions is the shifts I see and feel from the beginning of a session to after a session. The amount of light they are radiating exponentially expands and is easily observed by me and felt by the client.

A few other results clients have experienced are:

Be more present and connected with your intuition and inner wisdom.

Feel empowered to live a life you love, regardless of your circumstances.

Gain clarity about who you are, why you are here, and what you want to create in your life.

Heal old wounds from the past, including soul and ancestral.

Improve the relationship you have with yourSelf and with others.

Learn to deal with and heal challenging emotions such as grief, anger, resentment, and shame.

Experience self-love, and greater peace within yourSelf and your life.

Learn to trust yourSelf.

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