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Although I was stuck for a very long time, I hesitated to ask for professional help. I’ve been bullied both at work and at home and felt a bit uncomfortable and vulnerable to tell my story. Days and years passed until I remembered Cristin’s gentle and caring soul when I found photos of a Mary Magdalene retreat we went together; I visited her website and the next day, a Youtube video of her services was posted. I didn’t have to think too much, I had this unusual certainty that she was the right person for me as things happened synchronistically.

The one hour session cleared many of the blocks and beliefs that were not enabling me to move forward. Things lifted gently and by the end, I felt in disbelief, the lightness, confidence and hope for the next step that was showing up for me. It helped a lot and I deeply appreciate that I didn’t need to explain much. The space Cristin provides is very loving and caring.

I can finally feel the air, the freshness of getting out of a protective cocoon that was not enabling me to fly.

In deep appreciation,




I wouldn’t trade where I am right now for a billion dollars. I cannot describe how present and connected I feel… It has been extraordinary working with Cristin. I believe she has a great talent, and I have learned an awful lot. About me, and why I am here. With love and gratitude, David


Houston, TX

Cristin is a gifted healer and incredible space holder. She uses her gifts of connecting with Spirit to allow you to open up to your innate gifts and let go of that which is holding you back. Since working with Cristin, I have had huge shifts occur and clarity illuminated. Her compassion and love make it easy to get in alignment with creating a purpose filled life that manifests with ease. I am grateful to Cristin and so blessed to know her as a healer and friend. I highly recommend working with her and experiencing the beauty of her intuition as a healing arts coach.


Austin, TX

I’ve been on an awakening journey pretty much my whole life and started pursuing it purposely in 2005. I’ve practiced yoga, dance, reiki, earth medicine, women’s groups, theta, myofascial release, unwinding and other various unconventional ways of healing. I was referred to Cristin for EFT Tapping. Wow it was amazing I was able to bring a lot of things that were subconscious conscious and find clarity in a short amount of time. Out of all of the trainings, courses and treatments I have tried, Tapping with Cristin and continuing it on my own, has helped me the most. I am able to be present emotionally and not react to situations from past experiences. It has allowed me to change my mind quickly and efficiently in a way that other modalities have not. It has changed my life and continues to do so.


Boise, ID

All of my sessions with Cristin were amazing and helpful, but one that stood out for me was when my ancestor came through. Although it was a surprise when she came through, I had been working with this particular ancestor for several months beforehand so I knew it was her. Cristin was able to navigate my session beautifully, and my ancestor and I both received a profound healing. It was one of the most powerful spiritual experiences I’ve ever had.


Boise, ID

Cristin helped me get through a very difficult family situation last year. Her experience with life coaching coupled with Tapping created the perfect therapeutic solution for me. In a matter of weeks, my energy changed dramatically. My anger and resentment was replaced with peace and self-acceptance. I felt an amazing sense of serenity every time I spoke with Cristin. She provided me with the tools needed to get through tough situations moving forward. I continue to apply her techniques to my daily life through positive thinking, tapping, and meditation. She is an inspiration to me.


Washington D.C.

Cristin has guided me on an amazing and enlightening journey that has forever changed me. Her teachings have inspired me and awakened more passion for life than I knew existed.


Nampa, ID

My time with Cristin was imperative to my soul journey. Cristin assisted with in-depth exploration of parts of my Being not yet fully exposed. My vulnerabilities became more apparent through EFT tapping and Cristin sat with me fully while past experiences and feelings became apparent.

Cristin has a gentle approach, while still holding me accountable for processing through what no longer serves. She validates and supports in more ways than simply during the scheduled meeting time. She was fully available and reached out with respectful and caring correspondence.

I will continue to work with Cristin in any way that serves the evolution of my soul path. I believe she was brought into my life by a higher universal purpose.

Much Gratitude.


Boise, ID

Cristin has helped me peel back so many layers, and to realize that it was so much easier than I thought it would be to find and nurture the healthy parts of me. When I started doing sessions with her, I came to her with years of built-up negativity, and was struggling to understand what exactly was at the root of it.

Cristin’s kindness and empathy made it easier to confront a painful past, and she challenged me to keep examining my own wants and fears, leading to a much clearer understanding of myself and things that have shaped my thinking since childhood.

She even helped me with my fears about having a second child after the traumatic birth of my son, along with helping me try to figure out career ambitions.

Her suggestions and advice are a great mix of practical and introspective/spiritual, and our sessions left me feeling positive and inspired!


North Dakota

Cristin has such an amazing talent, and I’m truly blessed to have her “working her gift” in my life. For over 15 years, I have struggled with the untimely passing of my Dad who just happened to be my best friend too. The sadness was such a heavy burden to bear. Notice I said “was”. Cristin helped me work through that sadness and ultimately get to a divine place where I can think of my Dad and it brings a calm, genuine smile to my face. So thankful to have that peace in my life. I would highly recommend Cristin to anyone that is struggling with making sense or peace with events whether in the past or current issues. She is amazing!


Boise, ID

 For the last year, Cristin, Life coach, has been using a simple and most effective technique on me known as EFT (emotional freedom technique). With EFT, I finally feel an opened window within and a sacred safe space in which has healed and continues to heal my own emotional wounds that have been built up since childhood… it has allowed me to be honest with myself and improved my relationships with other people in my life who are very near and dear to my heart. Thank you Cristin for providing me with a tool, EFT, that I can use especially when it feels like when life has given my sour lemons.


Eagle, ID

Cristin has given me tools to center and reflect. Each coaching session leaves me feeling empowered and significant. She has taught me to question old patterns of thinking and clear away heaviness that slows me down. I’ve been able to excel personally and professionally because she helps keep me accountable, moving forward, setting new goals. The tools we use to assist in making shifts that I desire have proven to be effective and helpful on a daily basis. I feel expansion and gratitude. Thank you, Cristin!


Boise, ID

Cristin’s coaching is one of the most important life decisions I’ve ever made. It is the single difference with where I am today and where I was when I started this phase of my personal life journey, which has been one of discovery, healing and truth. Cristin’s coaching has given me the strength and courage to take an honest inventory of my life and has taught me the true meaning of “taking responsibility” for all that I experience. This was an invaluable lesson in that finally coming to terms with my being responsible for all that I experience, even those of darkness, then I also have the sole control and power over it as well. Before knowing this as my truth, I would become overwhelmed and paralyzed. Today, I focus on myself and on things that I have control over instead. In doing this, the quality of my life has improved in areas that were suffering.


There is an element in Cristin’s coaching style that is magical and therefore hard for me to find the right words. Cristin coaching provided a safe place to land while working through issues that are limiting in nature to higher self. I contribute this to my healing, which cleared space for a connection linking what I knew could be in my head and what I wanted in my heart resulting in my transformation. The greatest blessing from Cristin’s coaching through an amazing part of my journey is that I find myself mostly in the present. For this I give gratitude. Thank you.


San Jose, CA

The Soulful process with Cristin Stolfo Russell is a place to express ones self with vulnerably where no judgement transpires.  Cristin’s coaching was beyond anything that I expected. Both my heart and soul thirsted and craved her guidance and understanding and the knowledge she shared with me. I knew that I found what I was looking for.

Cristin really KNOWS her stuff and she makes sure you will heal and continually grow and move toward the light.

She lovingly walked with me through the steps to overcome traumatic abusive scars. I now view my life in a healthy loving way…


Boise, ID

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